The Smile Of The Sad Ones

by Foscor

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Temple of Darkness Records

Watch the Official Music Video for "I Tornà De Les Cendres" here:

“FOSCOR are by far the most potent and vicious Black Metal band from Spanish shores... Individuality as a mediator between the old school and new (un) orthodox Black Metal in the vein of Deathspell Omega and others…”

[12/15] BTJ for Legacy Magazine ‘07

“Integrity. A word that is becoming increasingly hard to associate with black metal... thankfully, there are bands like Foscor... no sensationalism, no bullshit, just 52 minutes of urgent, evocative black metal.”

Stavros Pamballis for Terrorizer Magazine Feb ‘08

“Foscor are hardly so esoteric; they mostly use minor chords, but from them they wring tears and blood…. I love it when black metallers' hands form jazzy shapes..”

Cosmo Lee for Invisible Oranges Apr ‘08


released September 10, 2007


Fiar. Bass & Vocals
Falke. Lead, rhythm, acoustic guitars & effects
Wilhkiem. Rhythm & acoustic guitars
Nechrist. Drums

Additional voices.

L’Avi ( Fiar’s Grandfather- R.I.P. ) - Oldman talked vox on “I Torna de les Cendres” and “Gebre” ending.
Marina- Female screams on “The Shame and the Spectre”


All music composed and arranged by Foscor between Autumn ’05 and Spring ’06.
All lyrics by Fiar, except “Les Hores- Oració en la teva mort” poem on “El Palau dels Plors” ending, by Salvador Espriu.
Drums recorded and mixed by Gorka at The Room studios some days of July ’06.
All other instruments and vocals recorded by Falke at Noctiflorous Studios between July and September ’06.
Mixed and mastered by Falke at Noctiflorous Studios winter ‘06/’07.
Produced by Foscor.
Band pictures and eerie landscapes by Namtaru Creations at the “Balneari de la Puda” March ’07.
All designs conceived and designed by Dios Perezoso/Puerta Oskura Winter ’07.
Logo and phoenix icon by Foscor based on Catalan Modernism period.



all rights reserved


Foscor Barcelona, Spain

FOSCOR (“Darkness”) hail from Catalonia, with Barcelona as capital with a long artistic tradition with the fin de siècle style of Modernisme (Art Noveau & Jugendstil).

Attracted to and build upon these foundations, they take inspiration from the morbid, decadent, and sick reflections on a rapidly changing society.

A new album will be released in the course of 2017. Expect something magical...
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Track Name: The Smile Of The Sad Ones
Sadness… The agreement inside,
overwrites the style of the destiny’ smile.
Lessons… There’s no doubt,
now I’ll walk straight through the long path of life.

Wound then, the malice of dumbness
Every step I rise approaches me to a fearless level
A desert at last, of emotion fade or cut
Laughing loud, in the name of night
Depression for the elders
In my tragedy the blood embraces
I can’t be afraid, I would be dead

The smile of the sad ones
Let me...
Find the path of existence
From the red dawn to the intense fearless site

They... Promise me a land with a knowing extortion
I could never believe, in my coldness i’m rich
Then… I smile and sad stand
A sword on the eyes of God
Track Name: Life's Death Code
Condemned!!! I have no strength
No certain path unconscious
Set, the breath of end
Become the law, the life’s death code

Cells… Its oppression smells
And brings so far my ego
Slay... The senseless chains
She waits behold... the dance
My constant claim... the horizon never was useless
I will stand!!! tireless

How many stupid things I let and learnt from the past
Blinded!!! Poor!!! Thrilled by the lie
While… I couldn’t enter... my darkness…
A throne in the night
My darkness... beyond!!!
The noisy throng!!!

Lonely!!! Cold!!! There’s no wall too high
Neither their end would advance...
My self delayed dusk
Track Name: El Palau Dels Plors
Oh!!! Vella boira que camines
envoltada de records
i lloances de deriva
de la gorja treus el foc
d’on forges, el palau dels plors

Fredes brises avisen
que l’esmolada dalla encara talla
i frisa!!! Per encetar de nou la por
el roig condol
la venjança s’alça i no serà tardia

Esvaïdes les profundes ànsies de dolor
és moment per tancar ferides
El reflex de la teva sortida
no enderrocarà el palau dels plors

Mai... S’oblida l’enyorada rauxa
Mai... El seny et portarà la mort
Mai... No mai!!!
Track Name: The Shame And The Spectre
In my last days, I feel the sense of life
Although I would reach remorse
I’m sure, I could not ever see the lost
Only writing these few words
I think my soul would flow as yours
The rain never felt as dense and warm
to make me decide to leave this world
So anguished but cold, I hear at last her voice
So help me disappear, from this deep senseless hole

Whitish forms, appearing across the clock
Beyond the rooms I found as safety folds
Shakily straight the steps to upper floors
deep inside my murders knock so loud

The suicide of those I meet and loved
At least I start the eerie path of blood

The spectre rise my shame
As moving old pictures of death
Myself grey landscape fell
As soon as beauty was slain
By greed, by pain….. with chains
I descend….. again!!!!

In a comfortable darkness
The whitish breath of end
make sure to kill myself

It seems to be so far when I forgot
the hours I stand apart of those

By greed!!! By pain!!!
I descend… Again!!!!
Track Name: L'Ombra De L'Adicció
Vine amb mi, endinsa’t en un món de tèrbola esperança
On la por és renec i el fum és enyorança
Resta al teu parer ferir-te o seguir fort
No és només un joc es tracta de la mort

A la foscor, aspre i esmolada, no estic sol
En la estreta corda del meu dol
Pel silenci un marge a voluntat
En trencar el reflex banal de la ciutat

Oh!! verge udol, satisfet l’anhel de nou
Ara si és moment per dir
que ja n’hi ha prou, vull fruir tot sol

Creure en el misteri és encetar el camí
Això no es resoldrà si esperes el destí
Negra dama enlaira’t, fes un gest!!!
Un per què per viure el tot o res!!!
Track Name: Gebre
Oh!!! Sento un plor, s’esmicola l’alba
El record de l’altre s’esvaeix, per la curta estada
Sona!!! La tornada d’ànimes tancades
Dins el cor roman, la raó preuada

Gebre!!!! No cerquis als records!!!
Gebre!!! De la nit em resta!!!
Gebre!!! Un esperit prou fort!!!

Oh!!! Mentres, la boira acompanya
Dóna’m nit, la foscor que em manca
Cerco el dolor gravat en pedra gebrada

Orgullós veig llunyà i fosc, el moment de vèncer
Els fets, els temors, d’ençà de néixer

Gebre!!!! No cerquis als records!!!
Gebre!!! De la nit em resta!!!
Gebre!!! Un esperit prou fort!!!
Track Name: I Tornà De Les Cendres
Crits!!! Enllà de l’ombra els porta el vent escrits
Ressons emprats per recordar els vells crims
Que ben endins per doldre els tinc
Eixuta l’arma arriben temps sublims
Aquest terra treu del dol l’esperit
Del roig gravat al goig colpit

Només amb ferm oblit
Refaig l’esguard brandit
Al temps que l’au renova el foc,
I sola rememora el risc!!!
Només amb ferm oblit
Rebuig sonat de l’erm sentit
Al temps que l’au renova el foc,
I forta torna de les cendres!!!

Xiulen, espurnes cegues entre cingles
Paratges morts en temps de xiscles
El meu renec, el teu rugit
Sota l’ombra de les armes cerco el cim
Aquest mans preneren sang com vi per dir
Que el nostre anhel, és lliure i viu

“…I torna de les cendres
en un temps de mar de fons
ferma, per la corda estreta, l'au segur que aixeca el vol”
Track Name: Narrow Is The Path To Darkness
Face the lies one day tried to blind you
And claim to those deny your part of wisdom
Feel the call and let it convince you
It seems to be the a new chance, to the inner freedom!!!

Is darkness what I wanted
Is darkness what I needed
Live!!! This narrow path
Live!!! The darkest sigh

Hills over the frightened city
Where falseness is left and still
being standing
The wall of old human behavior
The sense of blood and words

Seasons!!!! Scream!!!!
Wisdom!!! Words!!! To the inner sleep…

Bring a trip with knowledge
Would make for sure reside
The darkness on your side
To proudly rest in a cot of death
Should rise at least, your part from them