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Entrance to the Shadows' Village

by Foscor

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    '20 Years Towards the Darkness'
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    Original back illustration by Josep Triadó
    Design and logo by Ideophony

    Custom made to order direct to garment print on a black 100% cotton T-Shirt.
    Also available on hoodies, tank tops, and more at: shop.season-of-mist.com/band/foscor

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This is the land of the thousand caves... Where the inferus extends his darkness and calm... Land of snakes... Where the lord of hell lives... Creator of fire and magic... In a solitary dungeon one day born the blue flame of destruction... Foc de la Foscor... Green crystal throw your flash of wisdom toward the eclipsed eyes...You are decay... Idittus from the woods, whisper the old spells... Orcus...God of Inferus... We admire your wisdom and your strenght... Therefore we invocate your spirit... For you to come out from the cave... Follow the path of blood that you once created... And so we will vengance... Those who despise the sacred mother night... You are Decay... 07.19.2001 Norax
Aristarchus... Clavius... Endymion... Oceanus procellarum... Mare serenitatis... Sinus medii... Foecum ditatis... Carpathi... Caugasus... Riphaei... Hamus... Engraved symbols on the black stone of the stars... Abysmal mysticism in the learnt scripture... The waterman knows the path to the threshold of the nocturnal symphony... Melancholic lunar mountains, you have buried countless secrets of the age’s infinity... Sorrow, lunar sea, your desolation reflects the wisdom of the eternal silence. Circles of fire in the supremacy of the dark skies... The flash of an elder pagan moon Pagan moon... moon... Lunar landscapes in my mind... Lunar landscapes in my soul... When flying the lord of chaos and the sweet death reigns... 05.25.1998 Norax
Shout from the entrails of the deep hall without light... Lord of madness...Flying to the top of twilight... Lord of calm...Divinity of the earth ages... You know the great necrofagus expects us... You colonize the thones of the highlands... You howl with the wolf’s shadows... Ancient wind, someday my aura will be part of your liberty... Old wind shout the ancient revelations of Mother Nature... Divinity of the Earth’s ages... They believe that you are the lord of the flies, when you roar they don’t listen your revelations, ancient wind... They want to chain your wisdom... When the old winds’ scream and flow springs of blood... They cry tears over their own errors... When the old winds shout the revelations of the Mother Nature... Then my flesh and my spirit will posses as part of the immortal universe. 1999 Norax
Ravens of battle... You fly over the fallen temples... Under black clouds in the landscapes of eternal desolation... Ravens of battle... You fly over the battlefields... Where the enemy's blood flows in rivers of victory.... In the thrones of the high mountains... Where the white snow her source glorify... Under black clouds itself extends the landscape desolations... The coldest battlefields where the warrior spirits unleashed their fury... Where millennial trees compose the hymn of holocaust. In the days of the last battle... The days of the waiting vengance... For the tears of our clan... For the great horse of fire... For our noble fallen warriors... Defenders of the majestic Mother Night. Now, we are more than they... More learned and hatefull... Then I will see the ravens of battle flying over the fallen temples... Flying over the dying bodies of my enemies... 05.06.2001 Norax
Al cor de la boscúria el fontinyol suau, de penjarelles d'herba com filagarsa cau. Quan la tempesta afua son perllongat udol i trenca, esperitada el fil del fontinyol, quan les afraus ressonen, del sostre als fonaments, com una ermita buida oberta a tots els vents, ell plora amb un dolcíssim gemec de flabiol que esboira la tempesta i renovella el sol. "La muntanya d'ametistes" 1908. Guerau de Liost ( Jaume Bofill i Mates )
'Till death be filled with darkness and life be filled with light... The sorrows of ancient sorrows... Shall be the sorrow of night... But then the sorrow of sorrows... Shall be the sorrow of delight. 1896. Fiona Macleod ( William Sharp )
In a solitary world and desolate... Where the fog and shadow's reigns... Where the forests arises, pride and immortal, the shadow's village resides... The village of the damned... Wilderness land where the wolves shade her lament with the mortals... Where inhabit the mother witch... Queen of the Moon's ceremony. Born in the shadow's village... In a distant forgotten land... Where begin the magic... Where the sun is dead... This is the home of the forgotten laments... Where inhabit the lonely souls of long white hairs... Where the horned God created the fire... 04.12.2001 Norax


Originally released by Sacral Productions in 2004
Re-released by Oaken Shield / Adipocere Records in 2007, including the Bonus Track #9, and a Live Video file of "Lunar Landscapes".

“...Foscor intends to revive the creative spirit that haunted the fervour of revival on 90's Black Metal debut.”

L.M. for Metallian Magazine ‘04


released July 5, 2004


Falke: Guitars, Keys & programming
Fiar: Bass, Keys & Vocals on Track 6
Norax: Vocals & Lyrics


Produced by FOSCOR.
Music by Falke & Fiar. Composed from 1998 to 2001.
Lyrics by Norax, except "The Sorrow of Delight" text by Fiona Macleod & "Al Cor de la Boscúria" by Guerau de Liost.
Recorded, mixed and mastered from 1999 to 2004, at Noctiflorous Studios. Engineered by Falke.
Rocafixada Castle (Catalunya Nord) pictures by Od.
Members pictures by Wilhkiem at Bruguers Castle (Begues).
Artwork Designed by Fiar and FOSCOR.
Logo concept by Fiar, drawing by Norax.
Phoenix by Fiar, symbol by Norax.
All drawings inspired in Catalan Modernism masters.


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Foscor Barcelona, Spain

FOSCOR (“Darkness”) hail from Catalonia, with a long artistic tradition with the fin de siècle style of Modernisme (Art Noveau & Jugendstil).

Attracted to and build upon these foundations, they take inspiration from the morbid, decadent, and sick reflections on a rapidly changing society.

May darkness be tragic.
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