Deu Anys Vers La Foscor. 10th Anniversary Commemorative Album

by Foscor

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  • DVD. Deu Anys Vers la Foscor
    DVD + Digital Album

    10th Anniversary Commemorative DVD
    Darkwoods 2012. Flamma I

    Released in a Limited 250 Hand Numbered Digifile Format
    Including 2 Commemorative A3 130gr. Posters


    .Groans to the Guilty
    .Raids to Punishment
    .El Palau dels Plors
    .Searching a Seal of Pain ( The Beauty )
    .The Smile of the Sad Ones
    .Al Cor de la Boscúria
    .The Other’s Voice
    .I Tornà de les Cendres

    .10 years Documentary
    .Music Video “I Tornà de les Cendres”


    Cover Etching “Nous Sommes Condamnés À Être Libres” by Cynthia Meier-Dusol for Thorny Thoughts:

    Funeral Stone commemorative Poster by Ideophony:

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Limited to 250 hand numbered copies in A5 Digifile DVD format. Flamma I. Darkwoods 2012.

Limited to 100 hand numbered copies in Black Pro-Tape edition.
Ruptura Records 002

“...deeply personal by implementing three essential elements that make Foscor worthy of a place within our avantgarde metal melting pot: intensity (or call it all-consuming passion); a disdain for the musical rule book; a desire to carve further down below the obscure tunnels of human psychology by way of mutating, bending sounds to echo the screams of horror and groans of pain that resound in the subconscious mind.”

Mystery Flame for Jun ‘12

“No son Foscor una banda que deje los pequeños detalles al aire o no tenga un cuidado especial en todo aquello que produce bajo su nombre… Uno se da cuenta de que pueden competir con cualquier gran formación internacional”

Pau Navarra for Rock Zone Mar ‘12


released January 28, 2012

Produced by Foscor & Darkwoods
Live Show recorded in Barcelona at Sala KGB on Saturday the 6th, March 2010, during the Fosc Negre Metall Mort Tour
Live Camera Crew Adrià Escanilla & Joan Gurí
Live Sound Recording Engineer Jaume Solé Esteve
Live Production Foscor
Live Audio and Video Edition, Mixing and Mastering by Falke
10 Years Documentary Edited and Mixed by Falke
All Audio and Video Material owned by Foscor
Music Video “I Tornà de les Cendres” Directed, Edited & Mixed by Falke in 2008
Dvd Authoring by Adrià Escanilla

Dvd Artwork Design by Dios Perezoso for Puerta Oskura
Dvd Cover Etching “Nous Sommes Condamnés À Être Libres” by Cynthia Meier-Dusol for Thorny Thoughts
Commemorative Poster’s Art Direction by Foscor.
Dvd Poster Design by Ideophony based on a Funeral Stone created by Catalonian Architect J. Puig i Cadafalch in 1897

Tape Artwork Design by Ideophony
Tape Cover Design by Ideophony as a detail from DVD's poster based on a Funeral Stone created by Catalonian Architect J. Puig i Cadafalch in 1897

All "Live in Barcelona" music written & arranged by Foscor 2001-2010
Logo & Phoenix Icon conceived by Foscor and inspired on the Catalonian's Modernist Art Period

Foscor is and was formed by:
Fiar: Bass and Vocals, keys and effects since 1998.
Falke: Lead and Rhythm guitars, keys and effects since 1998.
Nechrist: Drums and Percussion since 2004.
Wilhkiem: Rhythm guitars from 2004 to 2011.
Norax: Vocals from 1999 to 2003 for first album “Entrance to the Shadows’ Village”



all rights reserved


Foscor Barcelona, Spain

FOSCOR (“Darkness”) hail from Catalonia, with Barcelona as capital with a long artistic tradition with the fin de siècle style of Modernisme (Art Noveau & Jugendstil).

Attracted to and build upon these foundations, they take inspiration from the morbid, decadent, and sick reflections on a rapidly changing society.

A new album will be released in the course of 2017. Expect something magical...
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Track Name: Groans To The Guilty - Raids To Punishment

Here you have, the dreadful sound of perish
Mentally tired and bored
Thousand faces affront me, through corridors of hope
Penitent am I but guilty their sentence
Subtle wounds received, and here comes the Life

Hidden eyes show the splendour
Approach violent pride
Dual wall enclose the scruples
Dust and bones compose the mutter

Nail down soul burnt and laid in books for liars
Mistrust grown hard again a poor desire
Fair icon’s shake the human shall dissent!!!

Source of delight in the land of worms
Groans to the man who deserves reward
False oath



Convince believers
Flog the piles that seems almost to shrivel
The hilt of pulse hits, displeases flocks
Sweaty pilgrim hint at punishment

Undivided laws inflicts
What Flesh deserves
Solitary shapeless lords
With dodder walk

Raids!!! To the sicken world of the coward sort
Graves!!! Override the court in a human form, dodge punishment

How pathetic atmosphere
Since old creation
Piles of bones just should them be
Until answers could not sound

Pleasant… painful rise
Rivers… of warm red lies
Track Name: The Smile Of The Sad Ones
Sadness… The agreement inside,
overwrites the style of the destiny’ smile.
Lessons… There’s no doubt,
now I’ll walk straight through the long path of life.

Wound then, the malice of dumbness
Every step I rise approaches me to a fearless level
A desert at last, of emotion fade or cut
Laughing loud, in the name of night
Depression for the elders
In my tragedy the blood embraces
I can’t be afraid, I would be dead

The smile of the sad ones
Let me...
Find the path of existence
From the red dawn to the intense fearless site

They... Promise me a land with a knowing extortion
I could never believe, in my coldness i’m rich
Then… I smile and sad stand
A sword on the eyes of God
Track Name: Searching A Seal Of Pain ( The Beauty )
Craving pain seems, the song of all my life
And disguise the beauty rise
Reminds depths, while descends mine

Hail the black one, taste her eyes and tongue

Looking for the pain
The seal of beauty ripped on the skin
Searching holders once again
The cowl hides Death

The sense of sin brings sharpness
Chains around fears to learn
Shows trust and traces of where should them reside

Looking for the pain
The seal of beauty ripped on the skin
Searching holders once again
The cowl hides Death
Track Name: Melangia
Visc per ser oblidat,
Veig un munt de dies que no expliquen tot plegat
Resto a a un clot apart,
S’atançen hores i vetllades del demà
Risc de caure en la cloenda de la vida
Melangia o anyorança del passat
Prest escric pàgines buides
D’altra banda és la solemna soledat

Com mai... enmig... com mai!!!

Reptes... del cruel destí!!
Rostre... de trist sentir!!!

Podria dir el teu nom, i viure
No és por, sols un somriure
Però és fosc, enigma i vida...

Jou, coll que abraces
Ets feixuc i caus profund com...
Sons, hores mortes, sense parla
Penso nit i dia com burlar la melangia, em sento sol
Track Name: El Palau Dels Plors
Oh!!! Vella boira que camines
envoltada de records
i lloances de deriva
de la gorja treus el foc
d’on forges, el palau dels plors

Fredes brises avisen
que l’esmolada dalla encara talla
i frisa!!! Per encetar de nou la por
el roig condol
la venjança s’alça i no serà tardia

Esvaïdes les profundes ànsies de dolor
és moment per tancar ferides
El reflex de la teva sortida
no enderrocarà el palau dels plors

Mai... S’oblida l’enyorada rauxa
Mai... El seny et portarà la mort
Mai... No mai!!!
Track Name: Al Cor De La Boscúria
Al cor de la boscúria el fontinyol suau,
de penjarelles d'herba com filagarsa cau.

Quan la tempesta afua son perllongat udol
i trenca, esperitada el fil del fontinyol,
quan les afraus ressonen, del sostre als fonaments,
com una ermita buida oberta a tots els vents,
ell plora amb un dolcíssim gemec de flabiol
que esboira la tempesta i renovella el sol.

"La muntanya d'ametistes" 1908. Guerau de Liost ( Jaume Bofill i Mates )
Track Name: The Other's Voice - I Tornà De Les Cendres

Have you listened the voice of the others?
When? While death brings faith

Blares across the flair
And come so cold to break the heart
And sick reborn
Journeys of sorrow, moments as holes

Translate the code of punishment
A knife could be a useful dodge

Dismembering thoughts and emotions
And groping towards the void
Riding fast to the sense
To converge…Could be then…

Mindless groans, useful wounds
Shadows spread, deep stab wounds
And flows

Alongside the razor comes
Two eyes appear with ravenous blow
Alongside the razor cuts
Two hands prepared to be a useful norm

And run! Surround the noise
And bring it up, don't fear the voices
The brain distorted, its vision goad
Nostalgia burnt, results to know the other voices
It swallows love, Death could come
And bring once more her faith beyond the row



Crits!!! Enllà de l’ombra els porta el vent escrits
Ressons emprats per recordar els vells crims
Que ben endins per doldre els tinc
Eixuta l’arma arriben temps sublims
Aquest terra treu del dol l’esperit
Del roig gravat al goig colpit

Només amb ferm oblit
Refaig l’esguard brandit
Al temps que l’au renova el foc,
I sola rememora el risc!!!
Només amb ferm oblit
Rebuig sonat de l’erm sentit
Al temps que l’au renova el foc,
I forta torna de les cendres!!!

Xiulen, espurnes cegues entre cingles
Paratges morts en temps de xiscles
El meu renec, el teu rugit
Sota l’ombra de les armes cerco el cim
Aquest mans preneren sang com vi per dir
Que el nostre anhel, és lliure i viu

“…I torna de les cendres
en un temps de mar de fons
ferma, per la corda estreta, l'au segur que aixeca el vol”